The Kahuna Creations' Pohaku Sunset 46" is designed as our most fun and playful cruiser longboard for everyone! The shape and style feature a sweet mild spoon concave shape that flattens towards the fish tail. The shape also features a flexy, fun ride that is perfect to ride anywhere. This longboard is great for anyone that just wants to cruise and have a good time with a sweet shape.

Deck Specs:

Length: 46"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 34"
Wood: 8 ply Maple

Hardware Specs:

Trucks: 180mm 50° Reverse Kingpin
Bushings: Cone/Barrel 85a durometer
Wheel Diameter: 69mm
Wheel Width: 55mm
Wheel Durometer: 82a
Bearing Seat: Offset
Bearings: ABEC7 (Chrome/Stainless Steel)


Silica Sand Grip
Concaved board shape that flattens out on the tail for optimal control
300 pound recommended weight limit

*Wheel color subject to change.*

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