Haka Rasta Longboard

The Haka Rasta longboard is the ultimate in control, stability and soul riding. It provides easy riding for any beginner, and longtime shredders live for this kind of ride - as smooth as glass. The Haka shape features a mile taco concave for a great feel and responsive ride.

  • Dimensions – 47" length X 10" width X 5" height
  • Weight – 10 lbs
  • Material – Canadian Maple 7 Ply
  • Grip – silicon sand
  • Shape – Taco concave shape that flattens out on the tail for optimal control
  • Artwork – Island Rasta
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Trucks – Premium Bear Grizzly 180mm Longboard Trucks
  • Wheels – Genuine Kahuna Creations premium 70mm 82A Wheels (wheel color varies)
  • Recommended weight –  260 lb max


Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick Magma

Kahuna Creations is proud to introduce the new Adjustable Kahuna Stick - The Magma with GenV Blade!   

Land Paddling is Kahuna's most fearless innovation for no-limits long boarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns or paddle on cross country long boarding and an excellent work out. 

US Patent No: 8,636,306 B2  

Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick Innovations:

  • New, stronger, solid shaft designed with a flat-ridge side to deliver stronger performance as well as a more comfortable grip  
  • Bigger, ultra-durable machined buttons for easier height adjustment
  • Pre-Installed with New GenV Road Blade
  • Ergonomic handle forms perfectly to your hand.
  • Features the Hawaiian Gekko and Tribal artwork for sweet looking ride.
  • Adjusts from 4ft 5in to 6ft length

GenV Road Blade™ New Innovations:

  • The New GenV Road Blade has the best ergonomic road feel while paddling. 
  • Engineered with New Ballistic Polycarbonate Compound for lightweight strength.
  • GenV Road Blade is designed with an incredible, New proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer, which delivers both solid, soft feel and durability.
  • Beautifully designed contoured lines and organic curves which add to the awesomeness!
  • 10% more road grip surface to extend life of the blade.
  • Undulated (wavelike) design for the smoothest transition throughout the entire stroke.
  • Variable sized dampening holes to deliver the smoothest stroke with no jarring.
  • The GenV Blade is the only blade that is compatible with the Magma Big Stick.

Kahuna Creations Moku Hat

Kahuna Creations is proud to introduce the Moku Hat. “Moku” translates in Hawaiian to “Island”. One size fits everyone with a versatile velcro strap back. The artwork features the Kahuna Creations Island Logo, tribal print and Hawaiian Islands embroidery, and Kahuna Creations side patch. Wear this one with Hawaiian Pride!

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